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German Index of the 30 Largest Companies

Yesterday was a bit hard for me personally. Two days of consolidation and quite weak breakthrough. I was expecting a stronger movement, forgetting that it is summer vacation. Today the Asian session, for a change, lowered the price quite significantly, which is why it is worth watching the opening of the European market. The main direction may depend on the opening, and whether the Index will defend the support or the end of the month will be another exit from the channel and a good ground for an attack on the 14,800 price level.

With crosses, I have marked the places that are important to us, where we can look for possible signals to conclude positions. Breaking the resistance will open the way for further growth. Breaking the first support may give an impulse for a stronger decline in the price. Remember that the English session can give you erroneous breakouts due to a large initial turnover (this should be remembered every day at 9 a.m. EU time)

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