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The image shows a channel that can be seen when we jump to a higher time interval. We definitely have an uptrend, but that’s nothing compared to the US indices that are literally being blown like a balloon. The president constantly supports the economy with various forms of financing, but this does not prevent the mad buying and increasing the value of American indices. The German Dax is not that crazy, and it seems that Europe including Germany is paying more attention to the foundations. It is hard to believe that the situation in the world is similar due to a pandemic, and yet in one country someone increases the value of everything on the stock exchange without any basis, and in another country one is conservative.

What do I expect from the German Dax? I expect a further increase, but if there is a signal for a short position on a low time frame, I will consider this option. Remember that it is the end of the month and yesterday you could see an increased volume, which was basically unjustified. I even fell for a reversal, counting on a large pyramid, but the market quickly verified my error … In the case of a long position, it is even possible to reach the top line of the designated channel.

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