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Macroeconomic calendar

If we look at today’s readings, we can conclude that it will happen. Let’s start with Europe and how to read it. From the very morning we have insignificant data on industrial production. These are low-impact data but complete the context of the situation. I expect a slight improvement in the situation, which, combined with yesterday’s increases in the EURUSD currency pair, gives a signal that the next data at 13.45 may be quite optimistic, although the forecast does not expect significant changes in the readings.

edition. at 9.17, it is clear that the markets are ahead of the data, and the declines that began during the Asian session are continued with great intensity. So we expect rather better data for the US.

An additional factor that we must pay attention to is the next data for the US and the US dollar, which are expected to be slightly worse than the previous readings, which confirms what I wrote above.

Now it is enough to translate it into the currency pairs or cryptocurrencies that we trade to verify whether the market has already given us a signal to a possible direction ahead of today’s important macroeconomic data.

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