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The Canadian dollar paired with the US dollar is not easy. The Canadian Economy Kept a steady standard of living for its citizens. The changes were so small that the strength of the country remained unchanged. The country is not very popular in the media, so what more could you want? At the moment, investors want an economic improvement. Tomorrow’s macroeconomic data indicate a possible increase in the number of unemployed people in Canada, which is not good for the currency. Such a paradox in this situation that it is optimistic to increase employment. These are contradictory data just as important for currency strength. The direction of the price will be determined by the reading which will confirm which data will deviate more from the forecasts and will have a greater impact on the price of the currency pair. Additionally, we must bear in mind the optimistic forecasts for America. Personally, he remains out of the market for this pair at least until the chart is clear. I will start taking the long position into consideration after fulfilling the condition shown in the picture.


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