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On the one hand, gold is still moving in the downward channel, but recently we can see the beginning of a possible new trend. In the situation of the end of the year, contract closings and general uncertainty of investors, it should be approached with caution, but it is worth considering this scenario. And so in the first picture we can see a downward channel and respect for the gold price of the levels we have set so far. In the second picture, in the perspective of the H1 time interval, you can see that the successive lows and highs are getting higher and higher, which indicates the formation of a new trend. Currently, the price has a small problem with exiting the channel, the line of which coincides with the resistance zone, but after breaking this level, we will assume a strong upward move. In addition, silver leaving the triangle above the triangle may support the movement of gold (even though we have observed so far that gold was the direction for silver).

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