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Daily r3 15900
Daily R2 15700
Daily r1 15400
Daily PP 15210
Daily s1 14910
Daily S2 14715
Daily s3 14415

Yesterday the German index followed a string down until investors saw a psychological price level of 15,000. Another attempt to test the level created a double bottom and gave up opportunities to trade in line with the new short-term trend. The signal was not the double bottom, but the volume that formed during the price increase and the local breakout of the M1 timeframe.

What do we expect today? Growth. But I will only react to the market behavior, because as I wrote yesterday, I allow the breakout of the bottom to close the hedging position and only rebound the price in the right direction. In the second picture you can see that there is another option for a longer term that I am also considering. This is the execution of the largest correction in an upward move. I showed it in the second image.

The scenario for today is like everyday. It adapts to the market in real time, and includes positions that follow the trend from a low time frame. At the moment, if the local high is not broken, I will go short. In the picture I showed what must happen for me to start entering the long position. Yesterday we had such a situation, my attitude was to increase, but by the time of Europe’s entry the hole was broken and there was only a short sale in the game.

DAX40 M1
DAX40 D1

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