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The world’s largest cryptocurrency yesterday again caused panic among investors, mainly retail, who, fearing a large decline, sold everything they had, even at a loss. In the picture I marked the places that I compared to show what I am writing about all the time and what to pay attention to when planning purchases after correction. The first line that was marked was a decrease of $ 1,200 and the trading volume was negligible as there were no buyers at this price. The second line that is marked is the price drop by $ 2,000 and the same situation. But what happened yesterday, it is a signal that the price has only dropped USD 1,900 because everything that was sold was bought by the other party, therefore a large wlumen was created despite a small drop in price. If we compare it to the earlier adjustments, then with such a turnover, the price should drop by a minimum of $ 4,500.

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