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What we have been waiting for a long time has happened, a price increase of quite significant scale. Significant because after such a long consolidation, the breakout from below is worth 30% of the initial price. Remember this entry: bitcoin-price-rebound-condition? Our condition was met because there were both signals that gave a high probability of a price increase. The first was the presented volume, and the second was the crossing of the designated trend line along which the price fell. And here we have the second analysis: bitcoin-powered-by-elon-musk, which confirms the fulfillment of the volume condition.

For today, the situation is that there has been significant on a very large volume. Profit taking was also on a high volume which is logical because this is how the market works to make profitable trades. I have marked in the image what we expect the price to continue to increase. The current correction is best if it is completed on an increasing volume that will be sustained during the rebound and will continue to grow.

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