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And everyone was surprised how investors began to take profits. I started sharply, but it probably was, now I can see that the attitude is very strong. Online forums don’t sound the same as they always do, which is panic. I can see a rather strong confirmation that BitCoin will continue to grow. It was a surprise to me because there was fear and panic every time. My last analysis did not indicate a correction, but the line I showed may give you a signal that you should have your finger ready after the break. Currently, the volume does not indicate a strong rebound. If I were to scare retailers and the so-called street, I would do as indicated in the picture. By deepening the hole, internet forums will lose hope, and those who have made profits will be able to buy them at an even better price. It is important that you look at the trading volume. If it starts to grow while growing, then the purchases have started.

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