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After the cryptocurrency chart, we can see that the earlier consolidation was collecting short positions. But even until now, it is not clear whether the price will continue to fall because we stopped at support that was not pushed by sellers. This means that there was no desire to sell large and the other party did not defend this level. Thus, we have an uptrend all the time. However, if the price and investors behave as shown in the picture, then we can expect a stronger decline. And it should be like this; Breaking the support on an increased volume (signal for a further decline), raising the price up on a smaller volume (signal for a further decline – wait with purchases), further decline on an increasingly larger volume.

However, before that happens, we are still in an upward trend and you can buy BTC. Possible sale at a loss in the situation described above, as a collateral with the possibility of buying back at a better price.

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