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Ampleforth (AMPL)

A cryptocurrency that has not been discussed very often before because it is not in the circle of possible big price increases. But the commercial value, however, is enormous! Here is the explanation:

AMPL is a cryptocurrency that is characterized by an automatic supply adjusted to the demand. This means that when the protocol defines the current AMPL price as too high, the portfolio balance increases. Likewise, if the price is too low, the portfolio balance decreases. The automatic supply adjustment process that occurs with Ampleforth is known as a “rebase” and occurs once a day. There are two types of rebase:

positive – occurs when the AMPL price exceeds 1.06 USD;
negative – it occurs when the AMPL value drops below the level of 0.96 USD.
The purpose of doing so is to create incentives that will in turn bring the Ampleforth market price back to around US $ 1.

So when the price is close to $ 1, you should start shopping. A profit of 5% to 10% is quite simple to realize. Initial purchases of around $ 1 for 30% of capital to trade in this cryptocurrency. Then another 30% of the cash to buy below the dollar, and the final 40% of the remaining cash to cryptocurrency at a price around 0.85 USD. As evidenced by the protocol, the price will go up, you just have to wait.

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