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Everyone knows that Bitcoin is the main determinant of the trends of many cryptocurrencies. I would even say most of them. If BTC is falling, we are also seeing drops in other markets. It is no different with Ethereum. However, BTC price tracking is not as visible as in some other cases.

I pasted two charts. One of the market of brokers providing stock exchange services, and beyond the stock exchange, and the other directly from the Cryptocurrency exchange. The first chart shows that the price is rising like a string, and when we look at the volume, you can see what I wrote about during the last Bitcoin analysis. The entire decline was concentrated on a very large volume, thanks to which the price did not fall further as the huge capital stopped further drops.

In the current situation, the only thing that worries me is that the rebound did not occur together with a large volume of trading, which may be a signal to re-test the lows. But as always, we are waiting for the situation to develop.

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