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The German index was fine yesterday. From the very morning he confused investors a bit, and I fell in love too. The result was a loss that I made up for the rest of the day. I made the last transaction in the evening. Today I expect a lot of volatility even before the entry of England. At 9.30 am European time, data for Germany has a large impact on the market. I personally wait it out because I don’t like to trade in the market where I would have to set the Stop Loss (SL) 3 times higher than during normal trading sessions.

Today my concept looks just like in the paintings. The first H1 image that shows the behavior of the price where I will keep the position short. I will take this price behavior into account at a low time frame. The second image from the M5 time interval, which indicates when my condition for entering long positions will occur. At the moment I do NOT see any direction, so I am waiting for the situation to unfold.

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