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Sounds impossible? Sounds familiar?

Let me start by explaining that I cannot answer this statement unequivocally. On the one hand, it is possible, but unfortunately for a fairly small group of people. If you want to know more, read the article to protect yourself from tricksters who want to earn on you, not let you earn …

A lot of misleading advertising, spam and attempted scams appear very often on the Internet. Also on forums and social networking sites, people who want to earn some extra money on their home budget contact people who show up in luxury cars, with money files or by presenting their lavish life in warm countries.

Red light in the head !!!

If someone has such a rich life as he provides, he will not persuade you to pay several dozen or several hundred dollars because:

  • he can earn it in an hour

If someone earns 1000 Euro a day, he will not sell books or courses because:

  • this may be ordered by the publisher

If someone earns a lot of money, he will not waste time on you for small amounts that you will have or have to pay. If someone offers you a great forex or cryptocurrency robot:

  • why doesn’t he make money on it?

If someone is a great trader then:

  • why he urges you to donate when he can earn much more himself.
Remember, over 80% of people lose in the financial markets in the first year. About 95% of people are losing in 5 years! That is why they are looking for how to make money on you and not on the market where they were losing themselves.

If someone calls you and assures you about a profitable system, ask them why they don’t make money on it?!? He will answer that he earns money, but he is a good person and wants others to earn too. Remember that 99% of your questions will be answered by the person who will talk to you. These are trained touts who are to persuade you to pay money at all costs.

For every question in advance, the answer is: They get paid for those who make the transfer. Absolutely each of the beaters has a goal for you to make a deposit. Usually to a broker. It does not matter that you lose money, it is important that the person will get commission in DOLLARS.

Opinions, Opinions, Opinions … DO NOT believe the very flattering opinions that flood the Internet, because you probably heard about “Troll Farm”? So remember, the more opinions the better for people like that.

You may be wondering what it is about situations where someone writes that he has many years of experience, that he is a great trader, that he wants to share knowledge, materials, etc. for FREE. Sends a lot of messages to you. There is often a redirect link in the news. Such people earn a lot of money by registering with their links. Now think about it. Someone assures you that he earns a lot of money on forex, shows you accounts with 100,000 cash. He proves he earns $ 50,000 or $ 100,000 a month. But why do these people still want to earn your commission? Spam on your email just so that you sign up from the affiliate link. Assurances on YouTube showing what a super Trader is .. Groups on social networks, messengers so that someone keeps throwing accurate games all the time so that everyone can see how easy it is to earn hundreds of dollars and register from links …

Please remember that the financial market is a very difficult industry. Experience takes years, and when you see the effects of the opportunities are unlimited, so your money for a person who actually earns on the market is a drop in the ocean of opportunities. Nobody can make you rich for free. YOU and dozens of naive people contribute to the fact that such a person earns a lot of money, and this is the main income. They make money on the naivety of people who want to learn something.

If you have any doubts or are thinking about cooperation with a company or person and you are not sure about its honesty, write to us, we will try to check what’s up.

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