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GameCredits, a cryptocurrency strictly related to the electronic sports environment. Find out what GameCredits is, how it was created and what the project’s prognosis is.

GameCredits – what is it?
GameCredits is one of the Blockchain technology projects. It was established in February 2014, and its main goal is to implement block technology in games and e-sports. To put it simply, the originators of the project noticed the possibility of introducing Blockchain into games to facilitate and largely legalize the possibility of earning through gaming.

As you can read in the White Paper, the inspiration for the project was the situation that took place during the great increase in the popularity of World of Warcraft. Then there was the problem of the widespread sale of items or “gold” used in the game on auction sites for real money. The trouble was that users were selling “gold” as if they owned it, and legally only owned a license to use it. It was explained in such a way that the player could not be the owner, because all the data on the amount of “gold” he had is on the game provider’s servers. So in the event of a failure, data is lost. Therefore, the game owner only licensed the users for the duration of the game distribution.

The GameCredis developers rightly noted that Blockchain technology solves this problem. Each player can buy and sell an item saved in this technology for a digital asset. In summary, the project is aimed at gamers and game developers and enables the exchange of digital goods by players or on the line of the player-developer. Additionally, it is guaranteed to have a unique item written in Blockchain technology. Everything sounds very good, so what’s the situation with GameCredtis tokens

GAME tokens

Project tokens are currently traded on few exchanges. The most famous platforms for purchasing GAME are Bittrex and Polish BitBay. The current price of the token is around $ 0.12. His ATH took place on January 9, 2018 and the price was $ 6.67. The current daily turnover is around $ 19,000, which places the project in a distant 591th place in terms of market capitalization. In addition to exchanging tokens on the exchange, you can get them by playing partner games or using bonuses on cooperating platforms. The list of pages can be found on the project website.

Situation and future outlook for Game Credits

Looking at the project, you get the impression that it is a bull’s eye, so the GAME token should go up and bring profits. Meanwhile, after a short increase in the vicinity of the so-called “cryptocurrency bubble”, the GAME value fell by almost 99%. So what happened? In the early years, the project was indeed enthusiastically approved by fans of Blockchain technology. Later, however, GameCredits fell silent. There was no information on the development plans. Even such a basic document as the Whitepaper was missing from the website. The only information that could be read was the alleged abandonment of the project by the founders and the sale of the domain.

The project connects with NovaToken and changes the approach dramatically. Currently, you can find the Whitepaper on their website, there is also information about the band. In addition, the news tab publishes monthly updates of the plan for the near future and the implementation of the current one. You can find out, among other things, that the GAME token was transferred to ERC-20 and it took place on July 1, 2020.

Currently, the marketing department is working hard on various promotions on partner platforms. In addition, Game Credits is in talks with major cryptocurrency exchanges to enable the sale of tokens, and intends to cooperate with MCO in the field of debit cards.

After a two-year freeze, it looks like the project is starting to be ambitious and realize its goals. The complete plan and scope of the cooperation can be found on the Game Credits website. It looks impressive, so maybe it is worth taking an interest in the GAME token now? Although, as the creators themselves write, they advise against purchasing tokens for speculative purposes, and recommend using it only in games.

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