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The Canadian stopped at the level I wrote about last week. I have marked two places where you need to watch the currency pair because these are the breakout points. If the support below is broken, there is a high probability that the price will deepen the price low. If we rebound as we assume, the resistance at the top will be our place to scale the position.


A currency pair that has not been discussed for a long time and is currently in a good trend. The price is at a fairly strong support, but we are still 60 pips short of the “psychological” support, as the full numbers are considered to be places where investors take the risk of entering into larger trades. In this case, it will be 0.9000x. I have marked the current support in the image and the trendline that strengthens the level.


In the precious metals chart, the situation is similar, but silver does not give as clear a signal for rebound as gold. As a result, it will be an indicator for me that I will take into account when analyzing other precious metals. The picture shows the scenario that should be fulfilled in order for us to include the long position. Breaking the resistance will give us a signal to enter, and a correction will give us a place to enter a position.


In cryptocurrencies, it does not focus too much on technical analysis, but more on volume to provide you with knowledge that can be realistically used in the market to which we all have access. In the indices and currencies market, it is difficult to access the trading volume, which is why so many investors use technical analysis. Here it is worth learning the most important thing in analysis. Ethereum After a rebound and local corrections, it continues to increase volume while the price rises. Each breakout is with more buyers and fewer sellers, which gives us positive signals from the market all the time. When the turnover begins to increase in price drops, then it is worth considering exiting some of the positions and possibly buying at a more attractive price. So far, there is optimism.


The German index of the 30 largest companies does not give a clear signal. The price has returned to the channel in which it remained, but it looks as if investors are defending the level all the time against a breakthrough at the top. The volume situation is similar, and futures trading is increasing every time we see the price collapse, only on the last day of last month the local price low was bought in full and there was a rebound. The resistance level will be a signal of further increases for us, but only if it is broken in a “natural” way, and not during the English session, where the opening turnover is very high and unnatural on this instrument.

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