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There is a fairly simple situation in the chart I pasted. During the Asian session, the price hit a lower low, and then the rate is constantly pumped up. The single in the image with the chart shows the resistance that has broken, which is an upward signal for us. Two is a possible correction, if it occurs, but looking at the strength of investors even before the entry of Europe, I do not expect such a strong correction. At the top, a trend line that will be a place to observe.


Two dollars, Canadian and American in pair are currently forming a broad consolidation. As I indicated in the picture, we are rather waiting for a certain level to break, and only then do we make a decision. I would not expect a correction to enter because with such a wide collection of orders the breakout will likely be intense and fast.


Gold is in a classic trend, currently rising. In the picture I showed how nicely you can see higher lows in the daily interval. If we look at the glued graph, we can see that the designated six-month level at the top (gray rectangle) is still in the game. The flag is not like the lower timeframes but has not been negated so far, so we can still expect the $ 2,200 and above.

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