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Long undiscovered NZDCAD which is in a strong downward trend. The first chart is the time interval W1 where you can see the current position on the support which the price has already rebounded several times. However, if we look at the chart from a lower perspective, there really isn’t a clear signal to reverse yet. An interesting place, but not the style of investment that it communicates from the beginning, supported by a specific signal instead of entering levels that for many (especially beginners) can be confusing.


Is the dollar as strong as the chart shows, or is Europe so weak? This is an interesting question because the EURUSD currency pair does not show optimistic forecasts to investors. At the end of the week, the price stopped in the support area and Asia has not moved on. The situation is almost similar to the currency pair above. Apparently good level, but there is no specific signal. There was a breakout of support, which is usually characterized by a reversal, but in this exact situation as above, without a signal, I would not have made a decision to trade, for me it is a downward trend.


The implementation of the plan of astronomical prices of blue fuel is happening before our eyes. It is a pity that these small recipients will suffer. It is a pity that the poor always get the head for what decisions are made at the top.

Currently, the gas price chart does not look optimistic. The price broke resistance on the huge volume. Each subsequent breakout is at higher volumes, and with the involvement of more and more money. We haven’t had as big as in recent times. Last year I wrote about big revolutions, but if you compare it to the current ones, there is nothing to write about. I suggest that you compare the last gas entries personally and you will see for yourself.


The price of gold has broken down a lot in a fairly short time, but we still have a chance of a rebound. I would not look at the chart that way, but the fairly wide range of the low-range price that did not give a specific direction indicated a fight between the bulls and the bears.

The first graph is what I wrote above. There is no decision in any particular direction but the traffic average is quite high. The second chart is the level we are at and if the price goes down further, the level will be negated so that you can look for short positions in the event of an upward correction.


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