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As you can see from the chart, the BTC price is behaving very similarly to EURUSD last week. The current price increase in the ongoing downtrend is weak, without a large volume. However, as I mentioned earlier, the signal to the price increase appeared as planned and we keep our crypto coins. The current situation requires us to protect ourselves in the event of a sharp drop in price, so in the event that the signal shown in the picture occurs, you should consider selling crypto coins and possibly buying back at a better price.

Number 1 is the breakout of levels marked by trend lines, it should be combined with high volume trading for a downward impulse to appear.

Number 2 is a local revision that should have lower turnover, like any revision in the market. It can go up to local resistance or running trend line.

Number 3 is the continuation of the move with a large volume again.

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