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The American index is just as readily played as the German DAX40. You can see the correlation between these two investment instruments. I looked at the H4 chart and I can see a strong downward trend of great intensity which has been very intense for a week. Corrections are getting faster and the trend returns are also stronger and stronger. This market behavior may indicate the final stage of a trend move, but is not yet a signal.

The picture shows how I see it. What needs to happen for me to take into account the proper rebound and a return to an upward channel in which the price has held all the time. The red line is the resistance that we need to break to get back to the price increases. The blue line above the cross is the chart behavior that would be ideal for me as it is a repeating pattern on the Nasdaq. After bouncing off the support at the bottom, I will start pyramiding the position. Remember that we are in a downtrend until a signal occurs.

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