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The prospect of strong growth fades with each passing day as price consolidates. Slowly, the rate approached the designated downtrend line, which was to be a place for observation and possible continuation of short positions. Still, such a scenario is possible, however, the more gathering at a certain level, the greater the chance of a breakout, no reaction to the trendline.

Natural GAS

In Poland, we have had very large increases in gas prices for some time. They are so big that small businesses start to close because they cannot afford the fees. Prices for bread and services are going up drastically. Is it justified by looking at the chart? I wonder what would happen if the price kept going up all the time …

The price is still high in the current situation, but almost 50% lower than it was in October. Trading volumes are huge, and personally I don’t know if they are impulses or collecting by big players, because the situation is classified as a market anomaly. The drop itself was not worth as much as keeping the bottom, so everyone can answer for themselves. Currently, I would base my investments on volume breaks rather than foretelling which direction the price may go.

Cryptocurrencies and BTC

The cryptocurrency market has made a big turmoil among investors for two reasons. The first is the decline when increases were expected, further increases to the price of USD 100K per BTC. Unfortunately, the market has verified the dreams, and profit-taking has been successful mainly by large players who use the large retail market and who usually stay with the coin. The coin they sell on lower and lower lows to buy at a lower price.

The second reason is the cyclical nature of the roars. Has the cycle started? Judging by the recent increases, they were not as intense as before. We already had a much high price, but as a percentage it was not yet. If so, this year could be a pump year, if not, unfortunately, we have another 3 years of waiting.

After the chart we can see a strong trend, but now a big turn has emerged. The volume of sales and purchases that may indicate that more capital has joined the game and started buying from the crypto market.

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