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Let me start with the appeal. If you are Russian and you read my articles, do not believe what you hear on your TV. The propaganda that Putin feeds his citizens is as dangerous as the killing of innocent people in Ukraine. You as citizens now have one force that can all be used. Not alone .. Only the revolt of the whole nation will I send Putin and his gang to labor camps in Siberia …

Hello after a few days break. Unfortunately, because of Putin’s war with our neighbors, I was unable to rationally write anything that would be constructive. And when you have nothing to say? Do not say anything.


Now, in a short text, I want to look at the value of currencies on the world market. The Polish zloty, which is considered a bit of an exotic currency pair, is weak. Unfortunately, Poland was on the verge of defending its value, and when the war broke out, all the brakes released, because as a country we do not have a strong impulse that will stop the value of our currency. We expect government intervention in the coming days, but it is a bit late, and I do not expect an immediate return to the former value of the Polish zloty.


The US Dollar was gaining initial strength because the country is energy independent, and the sanctions imposed affected Russia with full force. America has defense, helps the weaker, has made it a power and does not need to be afraid of the rest of the world, which has an impact on a strong currency in times of global conflicts. Only that, or so much.


The euro is a bit of a surprise. When other currencies are defending against the US dollar, such as USDCAD, USDCHF, USDJPY, the euro is weakening in front of us. Unfortunately, the sanction affects Europe very strongly, which has already had the problem of inflation and rising prices. The current sanctions only worsen the already difficult economic situation. He does not predict the price, but watches with concern what is happening on the chart.

In a word of summary? I will write that I do not understand the behavior in the current situation. You have heard such a saying:

“The best defense is attack”?

In a situation where attacking Russia threatens the rest of the world militarily, are we waiting for the first move? Same as for Ukraine? Are we supposed to wait for the first bombs to fall on our homes, fired by Putin’s army? When the threats begin, Europe and the United States should react immediately with a massive attack on Russia. On Government Facilities that are one big Gang of Neo-Nazis and Fascists. And for military facilities that carry out orders without blinking an eye, killing innocent people in private homes and urban agglomerations, mothers with children .. Yes, Putin kills children and women, and his army, drugged, examines Putin-soldiers shoots everything that moves.

The more so because our nuclear potential is greater than Russia, so waiting in this case is incomprehensible when we know what a mentally ill person we are dealing with.

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