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If you observe and analyze financial instruments, you know that weekends can surprise you and on Mondays we are surprised that there are so-called price gaps, or there were big moves. In the situation of cryptocurrencies, there is a factor that in regulated financial instruments belongs to institutions and bigwigs that no one knows, and probably no one has ever seen. In cryptocurrencies, we have the opportunity to trade over the weekend in which companies do not participate (YES, companies have been actively trading on the cryptocurrency market for some time).

I present in the picture a very precise scenario that is expected. at the moment the correction is with the decreasing volume (very good for us investors), the breakout starts with higher turnover, also very good for us. If this situation continues, we have an open path to further increases and possible breakout of the last resistance. I labeled the two described things as numbers 1 and 2.

If on the weekend investors start to make profits, we must observe numbers 3 and 4 because 3 is a reduction in price along with a decreasing volume, and 4 is a strong increase in Bitcoin turnover, but bought by investors. Thus, the price will not fall very much, but the transaction volume will increase with the subsequent price increase. The first option will be the best solution, but the market is corrective and we have to take into account two scenarios.

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