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Hello. At the top you have a picture that shows how you can donate a few cents for each article and analysis you read. It costs nothing after the time to click. All of the money earned will be donated to a jointly chosen, charitable purpose.


The currency pair maintains a clear downtrend without any major upward breaks. Of course, we are not trying to trade against the prevailing trend, so we are waiting for the level marked in the image to break. Only when the price crosses the line will we be able to look for long positions.


You can see that the Euro / US dollar currency pair remains in the designated channel. Due to reports about too strong Euro currency, I am still waiting for the situation to develop as the downtrend channel indicates a flag formation in an uptrend. Unfortunately, a situation with too strong a currency may lead to a situation that the price will be intentionally lowered to reach an acceptable level. Traders are not satisfied with such a translation, but we have no influence on the market, and therefore we adapt to what is happening on the charts.


Gold has apparently come to a halt which has led to profit accounting for investors who are constantly playing against the trend. We are waiting for the level marked with a dashed line. This is where I will be looking for opportunities to go long. If the level is broken and there is no signal to trade, I will analyze another plan.


BitCoin analysis has been very effective lately. I hope you are using and you know when to buy the biggest cryptocurrency. On the picture you have exactly what I wrote about last week, I recommend that you go back to the previous entries. A price cut that has been fully invested by investors, and large purchases in large volumes. We are waiting for it, and we keep it.

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