NZDCAD A currency pair in which the RGR pattern is being formed. Some say that a visible formation already provides an opportunity to trade. Others, on the other hand, are waiting for the entire formation to be drawn. Personally, I am waiting for the full formation with a correction becauseContinue Reading

USDCAD The above image with the presented macroeconomic data shows where we are. You can see that analysts expect the situation to improve in Canada and a slight deterioration in the US. The forecast for the US is not significant because at 20.00 EU time there will be a FOMCContinue Reading

USDCHF The currency pair is visibly weakening due to the weakening of the US dollar. This can be seen with almost every pair with which we observe the dollar. Currently, the chart shows that the price has reached the area of fibo 61.8 or fibo 50 measured from the lowestContinue Reading

EURUSD The Euro currency pair with the US dollar started a new phase of gains. For the next two days no important data with a big impact on the market for Europe and the US are expected, so we can expect slight changes in the price. This will change onContinue Reading

Monday market review

We are starting the last trading week this month. Today, virtually no serious macroeconomic data is foreseen. Australia has a holiday today. On Thursday, Japan will have a holiday so during the European session one can expect a slightly different volatility than usual. DAX30 We start with the German indexContinue Reading

NZDCAD The currency of New Zealand is doing very well compared to other Canadian dollar pairs. It is enough to look at other pairs and you can immediately see that the Canadian has strengthened to most of the world economies after the data on Wednesday, which indicate, among other things,Continue Reading

Monday market review

Welcome to the next trading week. A quick look at the macroeconomic data, nothing concrete is visible, no data with a large impact on the market. Macro data only from Wednesday. So let’s check what is happening on the charts. EURUSD Last week I wrote about the currency pair havingContinue Reading

NZDCAD The exit of the price for the designated formation is really nothing special. This can be interpreted in two ways. The first is that the exit signals a stronger desire to go in a given direction, then the broken trend line becomes a support. The second is a falseContinue Reading

USDCAD A currency pair that has recently decelerated its movement compared to the previous trend period. Due to several unsuccessful attempts to break through the resistance, we expect a further decline. In the second image I showed the D1 interval which shows the possible range. This level is the supportContinue Reading