Yesterday’s assumptions and market movement directly confirmed the legitimacy of using several factors of reading the chart. This translated into the fact that now the course went beyond the canal over the top. Currently, we are close to resistance, but it is possible that it will be broken. today’s dayContinue Reading

Currently, the British Pound does not have a specific direction. Asia almost did not move the price, which caused the chart to flatten due to this session. It should be noted that despite yesterday’s exit from the channel, the rate returned and stopped on support from the previously designated zone.Continue Reading

We assume a further downward move due to macroeconomic data to be announced for the British Pound at 8:00 AM. Due to expectations of deterioration of England’s situation, the rate after yesterday’s stronger break, which I presented giving the exact level, rebounded back to the downward trend. Asia in theContinue Reading

According to the last entry, the assumptions turned out to be accurate. The pound returned to resistance, rebounded, but finally broke the resistance level today, which we currently treat as support. Brexit data, or rather constant discussions on twitter portals, of people who have an impact on the market causeContinue Reading