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Hello after a week off. I am still on vacation for a week. I decided to take a two-week break from the computer. This is due to the fact that I do not turn on the transaction platform, websites, I do not go to the e-mail (I am completely cut off :)) However, I decided to write a small post today so that you know that I will be back soon. And since I’m sitting at the computer, I’ll throw in some analysis and check what has changed this week. We will compare the previous analyzes to what extent they were accurate.

Crude Oil

Latest analysis of Petroleum

Looking at the chart, today you can see the exact fulfillment of the set conditions. The signals from technical analysis and volume analysis overlapped, so it was possible to enter the trade with relatively low risk. Below is a picture where I marked with a circle the place from the previous week and an increase in volume together with an increase in price after rebounding from the support.


Latest BitCoin analysis

The price did not drop, and according to the analysis, it was possible to buy cryptocurrency as I wrote. The situation was exactly as we expected, so there was little risk. During the increase, the volume started to rise so we had a perfect signal to continue. Right now the volume is going down, so a bigger break in either direction on a large volume could signal the direction.


Previous DAX30 analysis

The German index failed to complete the OverBalance formation. After breaking the resistance, he continued to grow as we assumed, so there was also a chance to earn. Asia caused the breakout itself, but the correction during the European session gave a chance to enter support.


I go back to rest. I wish you a green week!

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